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It can be very overwhelming and confusing when it comes to understanding the different parts of Medicare, and navigating all the different options you have, since everyone’s situation different.

You can learn about the basics of Medicare by reading through the contents of this site. If this is you or someone you know, you can also schedule a no-cost consultation with a licensed and certified agent for assistance.

Our licensed and certified agents are licensed in California and Arizona and are happy to assist you.

We help many Medicare Eligibles who are turning 65 and their family members navigate the complex world of Medicare insurance. Once enrolled into a plan, we check in with our clients as needed to make sure they have help accessing their plan benefits.

We offer No-Cost consultations.

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Medicare Resources for you!

Getting Started

When should you start to enroll into Medicare? When and how do you become eligible for Medicare?

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Making sense of the different parts of Medicare

Medicare consists of Parts A, B, C and D. Learn about the different parts and how they work, and what your options are with each part.

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What are Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage plans are provided by private insurance companies and can often save you money.

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What are Medicare Supplemental Plans?

These are Insurance plans offered by private insurance companies that help cover Medicare’s gaps, and are called “MediGap” plans

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What is Medicare Part D?

Medicare Part D is coverage for your Prescription medications and is provided by private insurance companies.

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Medicare’s “Donut Hole”

As some beneficiaries reach their annual coverage limits and have to pay more out-of-pockets costs, the “Donut Hole” creates a coverage gap for some beneficiaries.

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What are Special Needs Plans?

Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are Medicare Advantage plans that meet the needs of individuals with certain health conditions or circumstances.

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What is the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?

From October 15th to December 7th, the Annual Enrollment Period allows you to make changes to Part C and Part D.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Medicare?

Some people who are already receiving the Social Security benefits will get Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance) automatically, and some will have to sign up for it.

You can apply for Medicare thru the Social Security Website at

This is the easiest and fastest way to sign up and get financial help you qualify for.

You will need to create your secure Social Security account to sign up for Medicare or apply for Social Security benefits online.

How do I apply for a Medicare Advantage or Supplemental Plan?

Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental Plans are offered through private insurance companies. Our friendly and experienced agents can help you to find a program that meets your needs and your budget. Remember, there is no cost to use our service.  Simply call 888-808-7646 to speak with a local licensed agent.

Can I apply for Medicare in Person?

Yes you can, but you’ll need to go to a local Social Security office to apply in person. If you’d like to apply for an Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplemental Plan in person, simply contact us and request an appointment. Please note, you’ll need to apply for Original Medicare before you can enroll in an Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplemental Plan.

Can I get assistance applying for Medicare?

Of course you can! Contact our office at 888-808-7646 and one of our friendly and experienced licensed agents will be happy to walk you through the enrollment process. We can do this in person, or over the phone.

When should I apply for Medicare?

You have a 7-month window to apply for Original Medicare: during the 3 months prior to your 65th birthday month, the month of your birthday, and the 3 months after your 65th birthday.

Are there penalties for enrolling late?

Yes, there are penalties for enrolling late. If you do not enroll in Part B coverage during your Initial Enrollment Period, you could be subject to penalties for as long as you have Medicare coverage.

When do I get my Medicare card?

After applying for your Medicare care, it typically takes about approximately 2-3 weeks for you to get your card. It may take longer if there are delays.

What if I missed my Medicare Initial Enrollment Period?

The Medicare General Enrollment Period is from January 1st to March 31 each year and allows individuals who missed their IEP (Initial Enrollment Period) to enroll on Medicare.

Besides qualifying for a Special Enrollment Period due to a life event, this is your only opportunity to apply for Original Medicare other than your Initial Enrollment Period.

When you sign up for Original Medicare during the General Enrollment Period, your coverage will begin on the first day of the month following your enrollment. For example, if you enrolled on March 5th, your coverage would start on April 1st.

Important Note: The General Enrollment Period is not a “safety net” for missing your IEP (Initial Enrollment Period). This enrollment period should only be used as a backup if you missed your Initial Enrollment Period. Late Penalties could apply if you enroll during the General Enrollment Period so make sure you budget for those additional fees if you enroll late.

Why should you use an Independent Broker when applying for Medicare

Choosing a Medicare plan carries a high degree of importance for several reasons:

–       You want the best healthcare coverage for your situation

–       You want to keep you out of pocket expenses manageable

–       You want a plan that you understand, so that you don’t experience unpleasant surprises.

–       You want to take advantage of the best opportunities available to you during the appropriate time windows.

–       You don’t want to experience shocking gaps in coverage.

Because Medicare can be a complicated topic, with many different plans available. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. Working with an independent health insurance broker can help you make sense of all your options.

What are the benefits of using a Medicare Agent / Independent Broker?

Insurance brokers are independent agents who represent multiple insurance carriers. This professional has dedicated their career to understanding the complex web of Medicare insurance options, and therefore has experience dealing with almost any situation imaginable.

Because brokers work independently, rather than for a specific insurance carrier, they can offer you knowledgeable guidance. You can feel confident that this professional is helping you identify you own priorities and needs and is using those to inform their recommendations.

After you’ve enrolled in you chosen plan, a broker continues to offer support. You will have access to a team that can answer your questions and help you learn about your policy. And in the event of a problem, you support team can help you:

–       Solve billing errors

–       File an appeal for coverage

–       Access medications when pharmacy exceptions occur

–       Answer questions about your coverage.

–       Alert you when your coverage options change

Since broker are intimately familiar with each insurance provider’s underwriting procedures, they can offer you vital information regarding your application. Often you can save significant amount of time by applying for a policy through a broker, who already knows which companies are likely to accept you.

How do brokers get paid?

Brokers are paid a commission by the companies they represent, and that commission is prebuilt into the cost of each policy. The rate you pay for your Medicare plan is the same, whether or not you use a broker. When you enroll directly with the insurance carrier, they keep that commission money for themselves, rather than offering a discount.

That means you can access the personalized services of a broker at no extra cost to you. In addition, you can enjoy all of the continues extra benefits as part of the deal.

How are brokers trained/certified?

Health insurance brokers undergo hundreds of rigorous training hours on Medicare law before they begin working with clients.

Each broker must complete the following steps in order to represent Medicare insurance companies and provide vital assistance to their clients.

–       Complete pre-licensure education according to state law

–       Pass their state’s licensing exam

–       Apply for and obtain, a license through the National Insurance Producer Registry.

–       Complete AHIP Medicare Certification

–       Purchase errors and omissions coverage, as required by law

–       Apply for work through a brokerage firm, such as a National Marketing Organization or National Marketing Alliance

–       Complete Annual Carrier Medicare Certifications

–       Maintain Health Insurance License Continuing Education

Our licensed certified insurance agents are in the local area and are ready to answer your questions and help you with your Medicare application process – all at no cost to you.

What is the Medicare Scope of Appointment Form?

Medicare has various rules and guidelines in place in order to protect beneficiaries.

When it comes to making changes to your Medicare Advantage plan and helping help with Medicare when you first turn 65, many beneficiaries are looking to work with a licensed insurance agent. 

Sadly, many people have used a sales approach to profit from misunderstandings in the insurance world. Medicare Scope of Appointment rules are in place so that bad actors can be weeded out and to protect people like you from falling victim to scams.

The Medicare Scope of Appointment is a mandatory form that beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries must sign before meeting with an insurance agent to discuss Medicare Advantage options. The SOA form remains on file for ten years and protects all parties. It can also be collected verbally.

The Medicare Scope of Appointment 48-Hour Rule changes allows your agent an opportunity to better prepare for your meeting and gives you an opportunity to consult with your loved ones, caregivers, and conduct due diligence.

It’s important to note that while the CMS Scope of Appointment guidelines are in place, there are two notable exceptions:

  • If you are in the final four days of an election period, you’re allowed to have a same-day SOA.
  • Furthermore, if you walk into an insurance agency or brokerage and initiate the conversation about your coverage, there is still a need for an SOA but you don’t have to wait 48 hours. Walk-ins are exempt from having the 48-hour waiting period.

Telephonic Scope of Appointment

To ease any stress that the SOA process may bring, you can choose a telephonic meeting. As a consumer, you can speak with your agent via telephone and consent to an oral agreement. Your phone recording will then serve as a Scope of Appointment.

Under these conditions, the following criteria apply to your Medicare Scope of Appointment:

  • Unless a beneficiary calls in, the waiting period is exempt.
  • Each agent gets an SOA that is good for up to 12 months. Even if you drop a call, so long as the same agent reaches out, the SOA stands.
  • However, a new Scope of Appointment is necessary if additional benefits are to be discussed within that timeframe.

How To Avoid Scams With Your Medicare Scope of Appointment

There is no reason for you to put up with high-pressure situations or scams when shopping for healthcare. Securing the coverage you need should be an educational process that helps you manage costs, risks, and provides peace of mind. Your Medicare Scope of Appointment is a tool that helps you accomplish all of this. Here’s how:

Work With a Licensed Agent That Proves Legitimacy

If you’re working with a licensed agent that is offering you a SOA, you’re in a good place. It’s the right thing to do and a requirement from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). However, you can double-check by running the agent’s license number online. Each state has its own resources but starting with your state’s Department of Financial Services is a great place to start.

Conduct Due Diligence on the Carrier

Your SOA provides you with time to conduct research on the carrier you either are reenrolling with or enrolling with for the first time. The same goes for brokers, you’ll want to be sure you’re working with a reputable company. Taking advantage of the Medicare 48-Hour Rule gives you plenty of time to make sure everything is on the up and up.

Assess Your Needs and Speak With Trusted Loved Ones

Part of your enrollment journey should include looking at your needs and discussing them with loved ones and caretakers when necessary. Seeking advice from trusted loved ones can help you look at both your budget and your healthcare needs from multiple perspectives. Knowing what you need is a great way to avoid high-pressure situations when signing up for coverage.

Here at ML Health Insurance Services, all our insurance agents are licensed and provide the Medicare Scope of Appointment when handling Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan enrollment. We are here to educate and respect the rules laid out by CMS to provide you with safe and viable options when shopping for your coverage.


Our Clients Say


Monica is THE person to help navigate the world of Medicare. Until I found Monica, I wasn’t clear about what direction would be good for me. Monica is extremely professional, clear in her explanations and generally so very helpful! I’ve referred several friends to Monica, and they are so glad for it! Without hesitation, contact Monica!

Kathryn T. Los Angeles

Client since 2020

Monica is kind, thoughtful, and very knowledgeable. She listens to find the best way to help me. She answers all my questions and always gets back to me if she doesn’t have the right answer right away. She checks in to make sure I have the proper coverage for my situation. Monica treats me with respect and is genuinely attentive to me as a person and a client. She was recommended to me by a friend and I would recommend her to my friends as well.

Michael M, Irvine, CA

Client since 2017

Monica has been very informative and helpful to me in making the right choice to suit my needs.

Beulah S, Los Angeles, CA

Client since 2020

Everyone needs a Monica in their life. I’ve been extremely happy with my plan. Monica has seemlessly been able to make this Medicare process so easy to understand.

Peggy T., Burbank, CA.

Client since 2019

Monica has been my guardian angel. She has been there for me when I was overwhelmed with calls and mailings when I first turned 65. She is who I call when I get something in the mail that is confusing. She’s helped me so much, and I would recommend her to anyone.

Cathy G, Pomona, CA

Client since 2018

Monica made the switch from my previous health care to Medicare very simple and non confusing. Glad I chose her for my needs.

Jim T

Client since 2022

I was so relieved when I contacted Monica. I was overwhelmed by the process of enrolling in Medicare and all the choices that had to be made. Monica was professional and knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I wanted to keep my doctors that I had and she was able to find a plan that worked for me. Monica keeps in contact with me and she makes sure that I have the information I need for the next year. Without hesitation, I would recommend Monica for all your Medicare needs.


Client since 2019


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